Wash, Wash, Wash

Wash, Wash, Wash

So Recently I narrowed my shampoos down to however I am feeling around the time. But in all I have 5 shampoos I use, I ran out of the other two. But I will post a picture of them later. Each shampoo serves as a different purpose for me. First we have the Carols Daughter Shampoo ( Ulta $13) I use this when I feel as if my scalp is super dirty an build up from a lot of products, next we have the L’Oreal Ever curl cleansing conditioner which act as a shampoo but it does not get very foamy ( $5.97) I use this product when I don’t really feel like washing my hair but I still want my hair to feel clean, last we have the Shea Moisture shampoo which came in my kit that i recently posted about normally the regular size bottle would be ($9.99) I use this when I am just shampooing my hair and it leaves your hair feeling very soft and moisturized.

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