My 6 favorite smells for Summer

My 6 favorite smells for Summer

Hi guys ! So yes I know summer is over but I just wanted to share with you guys my favorite summer scents for 2013. 1st we have the Berry Kiss perfume ($12.00), 2nd we have the Midnight Mimosa ($12.00) which will have you smelling like a fresh baby by the way, 3rd we have the Simply Breathless ($8.00) smells like pineapples to me, 4th we have Love ($14.00) SMELLS AMAZING, 5th we have Forever Red ($22.00) & last we have the Kissable Fragrance Mist Body creme ( $15.00) Smells & taste so sweet lol. I purchased all of these from Victoria secret on sale except Forever red I purchased from Bath & body Works, its worth the price though. All of these scents are not strong to me. I love a very settled soft perfume smell which is why I only own 6 because it took me a while to find a smell that I love & was not to strong. Hopefully you guys check them out, I would love to hear what you think about them.


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