Nubian Heritage/ Shea Moisture Lotions

Nubian Heritage/ Shea Moisture Lotions

Hello guys so today I wanted to share with you guys my 2 & only lotions that I use on my skin. OMG I can not stress it enough to you guys how much I love these lotions. I believe the prices are reasonable an the quality of the product is amazing. The Nubian Heritage Coconut & Papaya lotion cost $9.87 (Prices does vary depending on where you get them) some are cheaper. I just recently purchased another bottle from the flea market for about $7. The Shea Moisture Argan Oil & Raw shea lotion cost $7.99, but again prices do vary. Both of these lotions work for different reason yet they work for the same in a way as well. The consistency of the lotion is very thick so you do not have to use a lot, it will have your skin so so so soft and smooth an you will smell so soft and fresh. You literally do not have to put on perfume if you didn’t want to. If you are one of those people who have dry skin an all those watery lotions would not do it for you and/ or every time you put on lotion an your skin just still looks dull or ashy like you did not apply lotion I promise these lotions will work. Lastly they do have more then these two lotions & like I said they work for a lot of different reason so if you try them out or even a different kind comment and let me know what you think about them. HAVE A GREAT DAY GUYS !


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