What are these oils used for ?

So guys I wanted to let you know what each of these oils are used for & how you can use them.

1.Coconut oil : works for over a thousand different reasons but just to sum it up for your hair it prevents damage & strengthens your hair.

2. Olive oil : fights hair loss & also helps to fight off the dandruff as well.

3.Grapeseed oil : Protects your hair against moisture lost, very light & leaves your hair soft & silky.

4.Almond oil : locks in moisture & you will have less shedding 

5.Castor oil : Promotes hair growth

You can use this as a hot oil treatment or even as a leave in when you spray it on your hair. Also you do not have to combine all of these oils together, you can just use the ones you need. NOTE: I just wanted to add that I have not washed my hair for a whole week and since using these oils my hair has been soft & shiny all week ! 🙂 

Hope this helps, have a great day.


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