Lets Play with some Makeup !

Hello guys, so with this post I will be sharing and ootd, a makeup look & the products that I used.

Imageso on this day I decided to be comfortable again because I was going grocery shopping & apartment shopping again. But I still wanted to look cute, so I decided to wear a thin long sleeve grey top paired with some fuchsia colored skinny pants & light brown ankle boots. For accessories I wore my black & white purse with

Imagea doubled chained necklace, a dramatic sea blue & gold ring & a pair of studded earrings.

As for the makeup I wanted to practice on myself first because I have not worn makeup much since I graduated high school. So to see if I still had it I decided to practice on myself.

ImageThese are the materials I used for this look. I used some elf products, maybelline eye shadow (purple), utla eye shadow (gold), bh cosmetics pallet, & essence lip pencils.

ImageSo this is how the look came out & I was pretty pleased. I still have things to work on but I felt I did good for not doing my makeup in so long.

My next post will be the look on my in law !


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