Ipsy’s beauty by you…Glam bag (September & October)

Hi guys so today I wanted to share with you a company that I recently signed up for which goes by the name of Ipsy. I discovered this company from my cousin : Diaryofanairess.wordpress.com

she has been a member for a while now & I noticed she received some cool items every month so I decided to look into it.

So basically with this company you sign up to become a member to receive from beauty related products (which are sample size & sometimes can be full size)  to hair products, skin care, & even nail polish. You would pay $10 a month an each month you receive an ipsy beauty pouch with 5 MYSTERY items inside which will be based off the self quiz you take in the beginning. So today I wanted to share with you my thoughts & what I received so far from the company.

First I have the September Glam Bag :


Items :

1. Nyx single eye shadow (ES39A Fantasy)

2. Its so big volumizing mascara by Elizabeth Mott

3. Chella Ivory lace highlighter/crayon

4. Kohl Eye pencil (K01 Obsidian)

5. Pop pouty pop crayon (Rose Romance)

With this bag so far I love the eye pencil the liner just glides so smoothly with just one coat, the mascara gave my lashes just what it said it would (just playing around with it), lastly I tried out the lip color and it was horrible I was very upset. But because I was just testing it I would probably try again soon.

2nd October Glam bag :


Items :

1. Bella Terra mineral cosmetics loose eye shadow (nsh35 Navy)

2. Coastal scents Medium shadow brush

3. L.A Fresh Oil free face cleanser wipes

4. Style sexy hair spray clay

5. Zoya nail polish (Mason)

So far with this last bag I received I did not like the nail polish at all  I felt like my nails looked like something my grandmother would not even choose to wear, and last I tried one of the wipes an it wasn’t wet enough to me but it did wipe off the makeup on my eyes that I was wearing.

In all that was what I received so far & my thoughts on the products that I tested out. Hope you guys enjoyed & as soon as I receive my next Ipsy bag I will fill you guys in.

Have a great day

Destane 🙂

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