Oversized Sweaters

Happy Veterans day to all that is serving & did serve I appreciate you guys !

So being that today is Veterans day this means discounts, free meals & drinks. Since my hubby is currently serving Actively in the Army & had a 4 day weekend we decided to go out & get some free lunch…who wouldn’t.


wanted to go for a comfortable look but not to comfortable to were I look like I was going for a chill at home playing in the leaves look. Going for the oversized sweater look I added a pair of jeans with just a few rips here & there & a pair of wedges to kind of dress up the look.



an close up on my shoulder bag.


Here is a special appearance from my baby, he wanted to model today & show off his attire ! Happy Veterans day !

Items :

Glasses : Flea Market

Sweater : Thrifted

Jeans : Target

Wedges: Target

His attire :

Sweater : Polo outlet

Jeans : Levis

Shoes / Boots : Polo

Have a Great Day !



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