Mini Walmart Beauty / Skin Care Haul

Thanksgiving is tomorrow & my face still is not clearing up ( I AM VERY IMPATIENT ). While noticing my skin has not been clearing up I started noticing new breakouts but it wasn’t ACNE. It look more like really bad dry skin. After talking to my hubby & watching some youtube videos I came across a lady who was sharing her skin care Routine ( TheChicNatural) <==== Youtube channel.

Long story short she was using every single thing that I use to wash my face with except for the moisturizer. I have witch hazel which isn’t in this haul but after seeing her video I decided to not use anything on my face for a whole week an go back to my old products….


So as stated in the title this is a beauty and skin care haul & since thanksgiving is tomorrow I do not wanna go anywhere with my face looking crazy. So after my youtube research I came across this brand called Black Radiance



This foundation was very cheap compared to the other brands I was looking at & at first I was a lil concerned about that but to my knowledge this brand has been out before I was born so after long thoughts in Walmart i decided to go for it (just to cover up some spots).


Next this is the Pressed powder I picked up so I can make sure the foundation looks more matte & match my skin rather than it look like I have foundation on my face. (Bronze Glow)


Last for makeup I picked up this concealer and


this dupe of a beauty blender.

Moving on to skin care which is really the reason I went in Walmart I picked up these old items I use to use starting with


Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser. This product never did me wrong & I wish I never had stopped using it but sometimes in order to learn you have to make mistakes. An I know my skin probably wont return to normal quickly but it will be worth the wait especially knowing I never had problems out of this product.


Also apricot scrub. I never really used this everyday but when I would get a lil breakout or my skin started looking dull I would use this an after one use I would feel & look so refreshed. Also its super cheap.

Last for skin care I wanted to get something to help me exfoliate my skin so I picked up this limited edition Neutrogena Wave


I don’t know why its limited edition (maybe cause its smaller) but I didn’t care cause it was cheaper then the other wave.

Hope you guys enjoyed this haul I highly recommend these skin care products to you guys. An I will let you guys know what I think of BLACK RADIANCE.

Destane šŸ™‚


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