Army Christmas Celebration

On yesterday the Army decided to have a Christmas celebration because some people are being deployed next year and they just wanted families to come together and make sure time was spent together that was needed before the new journey for some people begin…


So I decided to show you guys what I wore, nothing fancy because I was not sure what the attire would be, so I went for a comfortable casual look & dressed it up just a little.



Of course I felt / seemed overdressed, which is nothing new for me because I always stood out from crowds. Nothing is wrong with that I love being me. Maybe 25% of us were dressed up but the other were super comfy !

All in all the event was nice & we laughed ate & talked to one another.

Outfit details:

Blazer : Thrifted Platos Closet (Guess)

Black V-neck long sleeve : Express (old)

Jeans : Target

Ankle boots : Target

Scarf : Walmart

Jewelry : Forever 21

Hope you guys enjoyed

Destane 🙂


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