End of the year December’s Ipsy Glam bag !!

Yes the end of the year ! An my Ipsy glam bag has arrived..in my opinion I started thinking and was wondering how come we received an extra item in the last glam bag an not this one. I thought it would only make sense (in my mind a Christmas present)..but that was just my opinion..so here are the items I received..


Image For my lips I received a be a bombshell stick in the color flustered, my opinion this color was not for me but overall the color comes out very clear and creamy.


Next for my lips I received The big lip pencil in the color Red Rose an I love how the color looks when I swatched it on my hand so hopefully I will love it on my lips !

ImageFor my nails I received this nail polish by Nickak NewYork, im not sure what the name of the color is but I was not pleased only because for my skin tone this color would not compliment me well.

ImageFor my eyes I received these gorgeous color by Pop called Naturally Bare, oh my god the swatches came out so clear and pretty I cant wait to complete a eye look with these natural colors !

ImageLast I received these Andrea strip lashes, my first pair of lashes ! I cannot wait to try these out (maybe for Christmas)

So I just wanted to share my goodies with you an my thoughts on it so far, hope you enjoyed !

Destane 🙂

Note: Also if you want to sign up just check out http://www.ipsy.com it’s only $10 a month !


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