New to makeup ? Need help ?

Happy New Year guys, hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas & overall new year. This blog post is inspired by my sister, who wants to start wearing makeup but at the time didn’t know what to buy or where to even start. So briefly I just wanted to share with you some websites that I feel have affordable products yet great products as well.

So are you new to the makeup world & just don’t know where to start at starting from the brushes all the way down to the foundation & concealer ?

Well I am here to help you..

As for me when I started off I was only wearing eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara & lip gloss. But then just recently I had a drastic change with my skin & started to wear foundation and did not know where to start at.

Lets get started..

Rule number 1 DO NOT SLEEP on your local beauty supply stores or drug store brand products. You do not have to go all out & spend lots of money on brushes, eye shadow, mascara, foundation or concealer.

With that being said I purchased my first brush belt off I received a 32 piece brush belt set & paid $15.00 a STEAL I know, but please note that you get what you pay for. With that being said I love all of my eye brushes that came with the belt but I did not like any of my face brushes because the quality was different. But I didn’t get upset because I only paid $15.00. Also they have more then enough different choices of brush sets you can purchase so don’t worry.

Also ELF.COM has amazing quality brushes for only $3.00. Also they have amazing products as well, at least the ones I tried. Its not an expensive website at all the most their products cost is $15.00.

Another great website to try is BH COSMETICS.  Love, love, love their products & very affordable also. Let me also add THEY HAVE SALES JUST ABOUT EVERYDAY ! For fantastic steals !



These pallets usually are around $11 each but with an amazing sale they had I paid $14 for both the concealer & blush pallet !

Moving on to foundation & concealer…so far I am still on the hunt for what works for my skin but as of now I am enjoying my L.A Colors foundation in the color cocoa & my foundation by black Radiance in the color Mocha Honey, and also my concealer by L.A girls in the color Toffee. Did I mention cheap.


As far as pricing goes it depends on where you get if from.

The concealer was $3.99 & the foundation was $4.99

Just to summarize you on the information I gave you so far, if you are new to wearing makeup start off with the lower end products just until you feel comfortable with what you are doing instead of spending tons of money on makeup & you don’t like it then you just wasted tons of money.

If there is anything else you would like to know feel free to ask & hopefully I can help you.


Have a great day

Destane 🙂


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