Lets talk makeup…for Beginners !

Hi guys ! Lets jump straight into it, as I stated in my previous post I mentioned to you some of my favorite & affordable makeup websites to purchase beauty products, for people out there being new to makeup.

Today’s post will be about face products & how to know what you are purchasing when it comes to foundation, concealer, highlighters, bronzer, blush & setting powder. I know I am not perfect an yes I do tend to pick up the wrong product but my goal is to make sure that you guys learn from my little mishaps an you try not to do the same. Because I would hate for anyone to waste money.

Lets get started…


Foundation…when shopping for foundation it can be very stressful !

1. Because some beauty lines carry a very wide line & some carry a very small line.

Also when in some stores they do not have a display for the customers to try out the product meaning matching your skin complexion & that is my biggest issue because sometimes the color that appears on the bottle either can be lighter, darker or just right.

So what I do to try & help me just a little bit with matching my color is go to my handy dandy YOUTUBE ! Yes youtube, what I will do is look up the product that I am seeking to purchase and the name of the color to see who is using it (skin complexion) and how does the product work. Meaning is it heavy or light consistency…is it build-able and how good is the coverage going to be to cover up my acne scars.

Also another thing about going to do your research is sometimes the person will tell you if it is worth buying the product or not & trust me I have saved some money !

The next thing I want to talk about is…

piclab (20)


The great thing about concealer is you want to get shades a color or two lighter then your actual skin complexion because concealer works as a a clean up for your eye brows after filling them in and also a highlighter for under eye dark circles.

So I say buying concealer to me is the easiest of them all just don’t apply to much because you can look more of a ghost rather then brightening up your makeup look.

Following along with the face I will go on to talk about….

piclab (21)


So bronzer works as a bone enhancer, meaning do you want to contour your cheeks to make your cheek bones appear stronger or do you want to make your nose appear smaller or even give yourself that bronzy glow ? Well my friends bronzer is the way to go. With this you want to go just a shade darker but be careful to not apply so much because you don’t want to look like a scary skeleton lol. I think applying lightly and building up the product is the way to go.

Next to last is…

piclab (22)


Blush is pretty simple as well but DO NOT APPLY SO MUCH, unless you have one of those blushes that are not very pigmented and you want a pop of color to your cheeks. Because applying to much can make you look more like a clown (I am just being honest). Mostly when applying blush people tend to just go with what matches their skin so it can look like a natural glow.

Lastly I want to address…

piclab (23)

Setting Powder..

Ok with setting powder they have tons out there, and so far I have only tried a setting powder that comes with the same line of foundation I purchase or the white setting powder that gives the more HD look to your makeup. You need very little setting powder so you don’t over power your look and becoming to cakey.

With all this information I just shared for you beginners please note that you do not have to do every step, you can do just one or two and still look just as great if you were to complete all the steps.

I just wanted to share information with you on the dos & dont’s when it comes to buying or applying each product. If you have not already please check out the previous post before this one.

Thanks & have a great day guys

Destanes 🙂


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