Lets talk Natural Hair…..Co-wash day !

So today I wanna talk about what I use for my wash day on my natural hair & my thoughts so far.

Recently I decided to stop using shampoo for a little while because my hair was pretty damaged from the color that I had in my hair & just not really giving my hair the proper care that it needed. While using the shampoo it would make my hair feel even worst my hair would feel so brittle & dry. After doing some research & hearing that the ingredients in shampoo is what they use in laundry detergent I was blown away an decided to convert myself to the co wash life.

These are the products that I went out & purchased since giving up shampoo.


Shea Moisture co-wash conditioner cleanser : $11.99

So if you can tell the bottle is almost empty which means I can give my honest opinion about this product. Well to start off I love Shea moisture products it leaves my hair feeling natural & the smell is amazing. This product is natural & not tested on animals, if you go check out any of their products everything you need to know is listed on the label.

My thoughts on it was I wish the packaging was different, basically because the product is thick and I have to use so much because I have thick hair & I wanna make sure my hair is clean. I wish it was in a jar rather then the packaging its in now. But until then I probably wont purchase it again because $12 is a lot of money for something I only got to use three times & its already on its last life.

Next is the Edens body works Conditioner : $8.47

This product is thick as well, but unfortunately I do not like this product for me. I had to use so much because I felt like I wasn’t using nothing on my hair at all. The smell was great but I definitely will not purchase it again.

Now these products I am going to show you are my absolutely favorite !


Aussie Moist Conditioner : $5.37

Omg this product is heaven on earth right here !! I have been rocking with this product since forever now ! I recommend this to EVERYBODY. Come on $5 for this big bottle that will last you for a while, depending on how much you wash your hair. This is like a water based conditioner, it smells great & it makes your process easier to detangle. My hair loves this stuff & I also co-wash with this from time to time & use this as a leave in.



Aloe Vera Refreshing Spray : $5 (Cant remember)

I brought this spray from whole foods & I use this after I am done applying my products & I want to seal in the moisture. I love this product because its not oily nor does it weigh my hair down.

Last I am going to share with you two products that I hear people are ranting & raving about all the time & I decided to go purchase it. I have not used either one yet so the only thing I can really say is they have a great smell 🙂


As I Am coconut co-wash : $7.99

So far it seems to be a water based co-wash just from looking at it, & my hair tends to love water based products


Argan Oil Luxurious Conditioner: $5.99

this product seem very heavy , but I heard great things about it & on the back I read that it will restore moisture & help with dry, brittle & cracked ends.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post & you can find these products at Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens pretty much anywhere

Have a great day guys

Destane 🙂


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