Ipsy time !! January 2014

It’s that time of month again !! Once again I wanted to share what I received in my Ipsy bag this month. This year/month theme is “19 reason to make it an amazing new year, a million reasons to be a beautiful new you!”


First off I would like to say I like the concept of the bag but I wish the bag was done differently. Secondly I like this months bag because they seemed to focus on skin care products & majority of my products are natural.

The first product I received was…


the proactive mark fading pads. I was actually excited to get them because I have some black marks that I am trying to get rid of & even though I only received enough to sample I am hoping they work because then I may go purchase them. I originally received four but I used one last night.

The second thing I received is…


a mojito lip balm. I tested this product last night, its a clear lip balm very thick (so you don’t need alot) I woke up this morning & my lips were still moisturized. It has a very light smell & I received the original size.

Third product I received is…


the Tahitian Monoi anti-aging sugar scrub. Im excited to try this product as well & this is a sample size product.

The fourth product I received is…


the briogeo deep conditioning mask. Its a sample size & I probably will be trying this after this post. But because I know its not going to be enough for my hair I am going to mix it with my Shea Moisture deep conditioning mask.

The last thing I received is..a beauty product


called the Elizabeth smooth shadow creamy pencil in the color penny. Which is great because I love gold !

Down below I will list the original price of each of the products:

Proactive Mark fading pads: (Have to purchase the complete kit (3 different ones)

Mojito Lip balm: $12

Tahitian Monoi Anti-aging sugar scrub: $17.99

Briogeo deep conditioning mask: $26.00

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow: $14.99

Hope you guys enjoyed this post

Have a great day.

Destane πŸ™‚


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