Buy it or Leave it

So the topic for today is my opinions on a few products whether you should buy it or leave it. Majority of the products are things I purchased an a few is from my Ipsy bag.

Lets get started…

First we have Image the Malani Easy brow pencil, I purchased this from Walmart for $4.97 in the color dark brown. The only down side is they only have two colors Dark brown & Natural Taupe, BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? Buy it…the pencil is smooth, has easy clean up, sharpen free, and also comes with a brow brush on the other end.

Second we have Image Rimmel Glam eyes mascara in extreme black. Also purchased from Walmart for $5.67, this mascara is for anyone who wants to give their eyelashes extra volume & for me it does just that. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? Buy it..

Next we have ImageNyx Full coverage concealer, purchased at Ulta for $4.99. Well I purchased this product 2 days ago but instead of using it as a concealer for under my eyes I used it to clean up my brows & as a base for my eye shadow. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? Absolutely buy it omg my eye shadows went on so smooth & stayed in place all day.

Next up is Image The Elf mineral face primer, purchased from Walgreens for $6. This product is for applying before putting on your foundation & the product is also clear. You do not need a lot because little pumps go a long way. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ?  I say both because I am still not sure if I should have purchased this one or the other primer for shrinking pores.

Also I have ImageThe Kat Von D tattoo foundation. I purchased this foundation from Sephora for $34. I purchased this foundation because a lot of reviews I seen were just mind blowing & I really want to cover my dark spots until I get rid of them. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? BOTH because this foundation is great but I also felt like the person that sold it to me could have given me a lighter shade & because this foundation is dark I can only apply a tiny bit because it goes a long way but the down fall is, it’s not covering my spots to much and if I apply to much I would look like a dark brownie.

NOTE : This line has a variety of colors but I recommend you to ask for help before choosing your color because this foundation has a orange like undertone. Also make sure the person knows what they are talking about when selling something to you.

Next to last is ImageThe Tahitian Monoi anti-aging sugar scrub. I received this in my ipsy January bag. For the regular sized product it retails for $17.99. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? I would purchase this product, I use this when I feel like my face is dry & to scrub my lips & my face feels so soft afterwards.

Last I have Image The Miracle worker moisturizer that came in a kit that I purchased from Ulta. This product retails for $60. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT. Leave it, the moisturizer is amazing but I am pretty sure I can find another moisturizer that works for me cheaper than this . The only way I would buy it is if it comes in a Kit.

Well that is all I have tried out for now & I hope you guys found this helpful.

Have a great day

Destane 🙂


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