Charlotte Russe, Forever21 & Target Haul

So for a while now I have been telling my hubby that I want to get rid of clothes that I don’t wear anymore & clothes that I cannot fit. So yesterday I decided to start with my closet & I got rid of a number of items, of course I had to go do a little shopping afterwards. When arriving to the mall I right away thought it was a bad idea because I was in so much pain. So I picked up a few things while I lasted.

First place I went into was Charlotte Russe. For a while I have not been a fan of Charlotte Russe because my style changes frequently, but one day a while back I spotted some shorts I was interested in….



These shorts are originally $24.99 & they had a sale, buy one get one for $10.

Next thing I picked up was some jewelry, which is something I do love getting from them. Who can beat 2 for $10.

piclab (2)



piclab (5)

I got all four pieces from the 2 for $10, so in all $20

Last but not least from Charlotte Russe I came across some fun casual shoes I can just slide in when I wanna look dressed down.

piclab (6)

These shoes were $12.50

When I got to the register I was informed it was HAPPY HOUR so after my total they took off $15 SWEET 🙂

Next stop was Forever21…I think I prefer shopping online from them

But first thing I got was

piclab (7)

These were 17.80

piclab (17)

$6.80 I purposely got it big.

Last two things I purchased were

piclab (18)

Both were $1.80 each (just some basic tshirts )

Last place I made it in before going home because I couldn’t take it anymore was Target

piclab (16)


piclab (8)


Last two things I purchased were some more basic tshirts.

piclab (15)

Both were knocked down from $8 to $5 each.

This was everything that I purchased hope you guys enjoy. I will have more fashion hauls, next time I will go shopping when I feel better.


Destane 🙂


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