My experience at Sephora vs MAC

A couple of months ago I started on my journey of wearing foundation. Since my skin started breaking out a few months ago & after getting rid of acne or what ever the case was I was left with marks. I once mentioned finding my right shade when foundation shopping was hard, so I decided to try the Kat Von D tattoo foundation because I really wanted coverage & I seen a lot of good reviews on her product. After finding out this product is being sold in Sephora I went to my local mall to have a “professional” help find my shade.



I walked in and was not noticed at first, while my husband & I walked over to the Kat Von D section we were talking & he mentioned that I should let someone match the product to my skin because he didn’t want me to waste $34. So it was a guy working at the time and I asked if he could help me, I should have known something wasn’t right but I went with the flow. After picking up a light shade & a dark shade he mentioned the product has an orange undertone and he wasn’t sure if the brand had any colors that would look natural on me. Hmmmmmm… he put both colors on two separate spots on my face and blended both. I didn’t know how much he put on my face put I couldn’t see the lighter one but I saw the darker one, which was the one he told me I should go with. I couldn’t ask my husband so thinking to myself I was like why would I go with the darker one if I cant see the light shade (which means it blended well) So I finally decided he works here he knows what he is doing, so i brought it.

The next day I wanted to play in makeup & try out my new foundation OMG  I only used a little bit because reviews said a little goes a long way. But let me tell ya’ll I looked like an orange oompa loompa ! I was so MAD & was going off. After calming down I felt like

1. I shouldn’t have trusted him because his makeup was TRASH.

2. He didn’t even have me facing the mirror so I could see what he was doing

3. I have to be mad at myself to because I should have went with what I thought was best.

I also felt like he was just trying to make a sale and didn’t care about the customer.


Yesterday I went to Mac because I follow an old classmate of mines on instagram & her makeup is always flawless. She told me she uses Mac foundation and she has oily skin, so she uses the one with a matte finish. I love a matte finish & her makeup looks great so I said what the heck I will give it a try.


I went in & it was only one lady working an probably about 6 other customers but one thing for sure is she acknowledged everyone letting them know she would get to them. When she finally got to me I asked for her help with finding my shade, she asked if I used their products before, and if I wanted her to complete my whole face or just a sample. At first I said my whole face but she had another customer who was doing the same & I couldn’t wait so I did a sample.


She put two shades on me and they both looked great but instead of her just telling me to buy one. She gave me a sample of one & told me it should last a week, to try it out and see how I like it & if  I wanted to try the other one come back to get a sample or come in ask for her and she would do a complete face. My husband was pleased this time & said that was much better. She also mentioned the light shade could work for winter but since it’s gonna be summer soon she know everyone gets a tan and that I probably would go for the dark shade. But because I loved them both I may purchase them both for Winter & summer an if I have to mix I know it would come out great.

I walked out a happy customer even though I didn’t purchase yet but the experience was better and her makeup looked great.

I hope this wasn’t to long I just wanted to share two different experiences I had when it comes to buying higher end products and actually having a sale associate help you out.

Let me know some of your experiences you had.


Destane 🙂



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