BH Cosmetics Makeup Haul (SALE)





So about two weeks ago Bh cosmetics had a sale (as always) and I took advantage of buying some palettes for $12.95 for TWO  palettes. Being that you have to spend $50 for free shipping I just ordered a few more things. I came across the pretty 11 piece Pink-A-Dot brush set, which I have heard a lot of people raving about & I also needed some new brushes so I purchased the set for $25.95. The last few things I got was the waterproof lip liners in Rouge, Retro, & Nude. Briefly about those I used the nude one first and it broke as soon as I applied it on my lip. But for me I always apply lip pencils all over my lip so maybe I shouldn’t have done that because it’s not as strong enough like a pencil would be. Last I just threw in a liquid eyeliner because I need more practice with it & I always use a gel liner.

So that is what I purchased & I cant wait to put these palettes to use. OH I have used my brushes, they are AMAZING & very soft !

Have a great day,

Destane 🙂


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