My hair care Regiment….

So because this feels like a fresh start for me, why not talk about my staple hair care routine. NOTE: I am not perfect when it comes to my hair & I do slack off from time to time.
My choice of products are my babies lol, I don’t think I am ever going to change them up unless I feel they are not working for me anymore. I know I have mentioned my hair care routine before but lately I have been getting a lot of questions on my Instagram about what I do & use on my hair. As of July 3 I got my ends trimmed/cut but I guess between then & now because I have been trying to treat my hair better it is growing a whole lot faster & I think my ends need to be trimmed AGAIN ! Now that I summed that up here goes my routine…..
I try to do my hair on Sunday or Monday just because it’s the start of the week
If I decide to wash my hair I will use the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shea Moisture Shampoo

SheaMoisture-Jamaican-Black-Castor-Oil-Shampoo Seriously guys this is heaven in a bottle !! No stripping, easy lathering….my husband even says he loves it!

For conditioning I will alternate between these two :



But if I am co washing I will forever use my

0038151905333_500X500 holy grail ! Also this is something I would use as a leave in when I don’t feel like doing my hair at all.

Now for my styling products, I will just say I love every single one of these items…




I use a little amount of each one of these products because I don’t want my hair to feel heavy or dirty.

Now the last product that I will list is something I will alternate on the side if I run out of my shea moisture products or if I just happen to grab while doing my hair.

ecostyle If I don’t want to go through the process of taking forever I will use this to style with, twist outs, braid outs, or just pulling my hair up

I basically tried to stick to one brand mostly & shea moisture & my hair are best friends for life !

Please keep in mind that these products work for me ! It may not work for you. So please don’t go buy all of these at least try out 1 at a time.

Products mentioned :

1.Jamaican black castor oil ( Shea Moisture shampoo) : 10.99 (Cvs)

2. Argan Oil Luxurious conditioner : 5.39 (Rite Aid)

3. Biotin & Collagen conditioner : 5.79 (Target)

4. Aussie Moist conditioner : 5.37 (Walmart)

5. Shea Moisture coconut hibiscus (curl & style milk) : 8.49 (Target)

6. Shea Moisture coconut hibiscus (curl enhancing smoothie) : 9.79 ( Target)

7. She Moisture coconut hibiscus (frizz – free curl mousse) : 9.99 (Target)

8. Eco styler (styling gel) : Varies ( Local beauty supply store)

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