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This is so random, but I have grown to realize that as I look back at my life I never had a real best friend or that sister bond with anybody. Now I had friendships but I never really had that one person I felt comfortable with talking to. Now mind you at the time yes I thought I had that bond with females but as I am getting older I am realizing I never really did. Now I do have ONE friend out of my entire high school class that I still keep in touch with & I do consider her my sister, but we are on our separate ways. We definitely are on different paths with our lives & I have come to be ok with how our relationship is now. But I have also come to realize that everybody wants to have that relationship with someone where they feel like they can call to for anything or just genuinely trust that person, even hang out with & trust them around your surroundings. I don’t care what anyone says it does sucks being “friendless”, “sisterless”, “brotherless”……now if you are in a relationship, marriage or whatever you call your connections that other person should be your friend/best friend. But lets be honest you cant talk to your significant other about EVERYTHING !! Meaning females don’t really wanna talk about guy stuff & males don’t wanna talk about girly things 24/7. Who doesn’t wanna pick up the phone to call their homeboy to go play ball on the weekend or go ride motorcycles, hang out at the bar do typical guy things with their boys & what women doesn’t want to pick up the phone & call their girl up & be like lets get our nails done, go out to eat, shop, get massages etc ? I have had over a year to take time to myself, remove people out of my life since I have gotten married & while doing that I am left with just my family & husband which I am 100% happy with. But now I am at a point where I do want to have that sisterbond with someone & not be up under my husband 24/7 because it can get nerve wrecking sometimes (Im just being honest).Now I love hanging with my husband but I am pretty sure he be thinking bae (“Im tired of talking about makeup, clothes & hair”) lol Also we do want to hang out with other married people because we can learn things from each other & it’s honestly a big difference when you are married & trying to hang with your single friends.

NOTE: This is just somethings I have been thinking about. I wanna know what you guys think about it or how do you feel ? Whether your married, single, in a long relationship I don’t care. Everybody opinion matters.

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