Natural hair : Flat twist

My go to hairstyle when I feel I have failed at an Wash N Go is always flat twisting. This is a very easy hairstyle, you can achieve this on freshly washed hair or you can always damp your dry hair with water, add your favorite product & begin twisting.

I would normally use a small amount of 3 products but unfortunately I ran out of my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie so here is what I used :


1. Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk [Target]

2. Shea Moisture Frizz – Free curl Mousse [Target]

3. Bobby Pins [Walmart]

4. Denman Brush [Walmart]

I applied a small amount to each section of hair focusing most of the products on the end because that is the oldest part of your hair. Flat twisting is the same as braiding except you are twisting. I used the bobby pins to hold down a couple of my twist because my hair is more thicker in some places & I didn’t want my hair to look puffy once I took my hair out.


If you are someone who has to take down their hair the next day I recommend doing your hair during the day sit under a dryer for about an hour, then continue to air dry or if you prefer longer that’s totally up to you. If you are not one of those people then after about 24 hours or longer your hair should be dry & you may take them down when you choose to do so.


When taking them down I put oil on my hands to keep my hair from frizzing. This hairstyle lasted me about 3 days only because I choose to deep condition every week since I recently had my hair colored. The lightening in my house sucks it doesn’t really show the color to well.

Night Time Routine : My hair is not super long so I pull my hair back in a low pony tail only putting the scrunchy around my hair once. I sleep with a bonnet or if I am lazy I have silk pillow cases which is fine. After getting up the next day & getting ready I just pull the scrunchy off shake my hair & GO.

I hope you guys enjoy : Destane

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6 thoughts on “Natural hair : Flat twist

  1. I really think flat Twists are great and yours looks great too! I know for me I am not skilled in doing hairstyles and flat twists are one of them I find so difficult to do correctly. And also my hair thinned out so anytime I try to do them its really spaced out and awkward looking and never looks right when I take them out :/

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