Natural hair : Flat twist

My go to hairstyle when I feel I have failed at an Wash N Go is always flat twisting. This is a very easy hairstyle, you can achieve this on freshly washed hair or you can always damp your dry hair with water, add your favorite product & begin twisting.

I would normally use a small amount of 3 products but unfortunately I ran out of my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie so here is what I used :


1. Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk [Target]

2. Shea Moisture Frizz – Free curl Mousse [Target]

3. Bobby Pins [Walmart]

4. Denman Brush [Walmart]

I applied a small amount to each section of hair focusing most of the products on the end because that is the oldest part of your hair. Flat twisting is the same as braiding except you are twisting. I used the bobby pins to hold down a couple of my twist because my hair is more thicker in some places & I didn’t want my hair to look puffy once I took my hair out.


If you are someone who has to take down their hair the next day I recommend doing your hair during the day sit under a dryer for about an hour, then continue to air dry or if you prefer longer that’s totally up to you. If you are not one of those people then after about 24 hours or longer your hair should be dry & you may take them down when you choose to do so.


When taking them down I put oil on my hands to keep my hair from frizzing. This hairstyle lasted me about 3 days only because I choose to deep condition every week since I recently had my hair colored. The lightening in my house sucks it doesn’t really show the color to well.

Night Time Routine : My hair is not super long so I pull my hair back in a low pony tail only putting the scrunchy around my hair once. I sleep with a bonnet or if I am lazy I have silk pillow cases which is fine. After getting up the next day & getting ready I just pull the scrunchy off shake my hair & GO.

I hope you guys enjoy : Destane


Lets chat !!

This is so random, but I have grown to realize that as I look back at my life I never had a real best friend or that sister bond with anybody. Now I had friendships but I never really had that one person I felt comfortable with talking to. Now mind you at the time yes I thought I had that bond with females but as I am getting older I am realizing I never really did. Now I do have ONE friend out of my entire high school class that I still keep in touch with & I do consider her my sister, but we are on our separate ways. We definitely are on different paths with our lives & I have come to be ok with how our relationship is now. But I have also come to realize that everybody wants to have that relationship with someone where they feel like they can call to for anything or just genuinely trust that person, even hang out with & trust them around your surroundings. I don’t care what anyone says it does sucks being “friendless”, “sisterless”, “brotherless”……now if you are in a relationship, marriage or whatever you call your connections that other person should be your friend/best friend. But lets be honest you cant talk to your significant other about EVERYTHING !! Meaning females don’t really wanna talk about guy stuff & males don’t wanna talk about girly things 24/7. Who doesn’t wanna pick up the phone to call their homeboy to go play ball on the weekend or go ride motorcycles, hang out at the bar do typical guy things with their boys & what women doesn’t want to pick up the phone & call their girl up & be like lets get our nails done, go out to eat, shop, get massages etc ? I have had over a year to take time to myself, remove people out of my life since I have gotten married & while doing that I am left with just my family & husband which I am 100% happy with. But now I am at a point where I do want to have that sisterbond with someone & not be up under my husband 24/7 because it can get nerve wrecking sometimes (Im just being honest).Now I love hanging with my husband but I am pretty sure he be thinking bae (“Im tired of talking about makeup, clothes & hair”) lol Also we do want to hang out with other married people because we can learn things from each other & it’s honestly a big difference when you are married & trying to hang with your single friends.

NOTE: This is just somethings I have been thinking about. I wanna know what you guys think about it or how do you feel ? Whether your married, single, in a long relationship I don’t care. Everybody opinion matters.

Just a casual day with some family…

photo 1 (5)

photo 2 (5)

photo 3 (4)

photo 4 (4)

photo 5 (2)

On this day I decided to just keep it toned down, which has been my choice of attire lately.

Sweater : Good-Will (Express)

Pants : H&M

Boots: Forever21

My hair was a 1st day twist out & I loved it !! If you can see my lips it was a dark purple color from Jordana cosmetics.

P.S I just had to upload something today. I should have two more post coming up this week.


My hair care Regiment….

So because this feels like a fresh start for me, why not talk about my staple hair care routine. NOTE: I am not perfect when it comes to my hair & I do slack off from time to time.
My choice of products are my babies lol, I don’t think I am ever going to change them up unless I feel they are not working for me anymore. I know I have mentioned my hair care routine before but lately I have been getting a lot of questions on my Instagram about what I do & use on my hair. As of July 3 I got my ends trimmed/cut but I guess between then & now because I have been trying to treat my hair better it is growing a whole lot faster & I think my ends need to be trimmed AGAIN ! Now that I summed that up here goes my routine…..
I try to do my hair on Sunday or Monday just because it’s the start of the week
If I decide to wash my hair I will use the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shea Moisture Shampoo

SheaMoisture-Jamaican-Black-Castor-Oil-Shampoo Seriously guys this is heaven in a bottle !! No stripping, easy lathering….my husband even says he loves it!

For conditioning I will alternate between these two :



But if I am co washing I will forever use my

0038151905333_500X500 holy grail ! Also this is something I would use as a leave in when I don’t feel like doing my hair at all.

Now for my styling products, I will just say I love every single one of these items…




I use a little amount of each one of these products because I don’t want my hair to feel heavy or dirty.

Now the last product that I will list is something I will alternate on the side if I run out of my shea moisture products or if I just happen to grab while doing my hair.

ecostyle If I don’t want to go through the process of taking forever I will use this to style with, twist outs, braid outs, or just pulling my hair up

I basically tried to stick to one brand mostly & shea moisture & my hair are best friends for life !

Please keep in mind that these products work for me ! It may not work for you. So please don’t go buy all of these at least try out 1 at a time.

Products mentioned :

1.Jamaican black castor oil ( Shea Moisture shampoo) : 10.99 (Cvs)

2. Argan Oil Luxurious conditioner : 5.39 (Rite Aid)

3. Biotin & Collagen conditioner : 5.79 (Target)

4. Aussie Moist conditioner : 5.37 (Walmart)

5. Shea Moisture coconut hibiscus (curl & style milk) : 8.49 (Target)

6. Shea Moisture coconut hibiscus (curl enhancing smoothie) : 9.79 ( Target)

7. She Moisture coconut hibiscus (frizz – free curl mousse) : 9.99 (Target)

8. Eco styler (styling gel) : Varies ( Local beauty supply store)

Allow me to reintroduce Myself…

I have been absent from my blog for about 3 months now. For a second I did loose interest in blogging because I felt like I had to just stick to certain topics, mainly because that’s what I noticed other bloggers doing. But that is not who I am, I have never been the one to follow someone else, especially because we are not the same people. But I am back !! One thing I have learned is, this is my blog I write what I want to & I can post anything I want to. So starting fresh my blog will be about fashion, hair, food, lifestyle, different topics pretty much whatever I feel the need to when I sit down to blog ! I am not knocking any other bloggers who want to stick to one topic or two because that’s their blog & maybe its something they feel strong about doing. So all & all I am back and I hope to gain more traffic visiting my blog.

Outfit of the Day…


This outfit was very comfortable, nothing tight just right ! An my hair was pulled back for this day because my hubby suggested it.

Outfit details :

Top & Bottom : Marshalls

Bag : Aldo

Sandals : Forever 21

Jewelry : Charlotte Russe

Fun Puff ……


This particular day I did not know what I wanted to do with my hair & I was in a rush because I was so hungry. So I went with my classic puff & I was really enjoying it. 

Products : 

Eco styling gel 

used a mixture of tresemme naturals conditioner & aussie conditoner as a leave in

Hope you guys like !

Fancy Pants….




This past weekend my husband & I went on a couples retreat down at the beach. Our Villa was so nice & peaceful and the weather was just great. This particular day it was a little nippy so I was able to put on my trousers I purchased from Forever21. I went for a comfortable look because we were gonna be sitting in a room for about 2 hours & 30 min for a couples session. I plan to style the pants different next time but I liked the outfit for this particular day.

Sunglasses : Aldo

V Neck : Target

Trousers : Forever21

Sandals : Forever21

Jewelry : Charlotte Russe


A Simple Braidout..


Just wanted to quickly share this easy braid out that I achieved with just TWO simple products & only 9 braids.

Products used : Water & the curl enhancing smoothie by shea moisture.

To keep my braids neat I wore a silk bonnet to bed & after taking them down to keep the style I pulled my hair up in a pineapple, if you want you could just braid it back up its totally up to you.

Hope you guys enjoyed my results just as much as I did.