My staple products on my natural hair…



To start off these are the products that I use on my wash days.

1. I co wash my hair using the As I am Coconut CoWash twice, I love the feeling that it has while massaging the scalp of my hair. While using this product I tend to get scared because it is very runny and it could be very easy to waste the product.

2. Using the Argan oil luxurious conditoner I apply all over but I always add more towards the ends of my hair because it helps with breakage & damage ends. This product smells very good !! I love it so much

3. Moving on to the Aussie conditioner, sometimes I will co wash with it but mostly I use it as a leave in ! My hair will be very soft & moisturized. This Aussie conditioner is my LIFE.

4. Last I try to deep condition my hair at least every week. But no longer than two weeks. Its very thick but it gets the job done.



These two styling products are my true ride or dies (lol)

If I am styling my hair when using the eco styling gel I WILL NOT leave in any conditioner because my hair will look like snow.

But overall these are my go to products & I hope you enjoyed.

photo (1)

Destane 🙂



March Glam Bag / Drug store haul

So I just wanted to share with you guys my Ipsy bag for the month of March. I have not tried any of these products yet. I also wanted to share with you two drug store items I have purchased recently.

Starting off with Ipsy I received…


I wasn’t to excited about receiving this because the last thing I received from this line I was not pleased at all. But I will try & let you guys know.


I am very excited to try this ! I love soft/vintage pinks…..stay tuned.


You can never have to many natural colors, so I def will be using this often.


Blue eyeliner hmmm…will be new for me. I wonder how this would look with a natural eye look. We shall see.

Well those were all the goodies I have received for the month of March.

Now to my drug store haul….

So the first product I purchased was something recommended by a inspiring makeup artist I started following on Youtube & Twitter.


Omg the best Primer I have purchased so far !! My skin is combination oily/dry. Wow I actually wore this primer alone with NO MAKEUP at all. Which was not my plan but after applying it an running around before starting my makeup I was shocked so I decided to go bare. I highly recommend this for people with oily skin ! Thank you AaliyahJay for recommending this !

Last thing I purchased was…


I think I finally found my match ! Ugh foundation is so hard to deal with lol. But Hopefully I love it

Hope you guys enjoyed

Destane 🙂

Newest Skincare Routine

So I finally gave up on trying the natural way of making my own skin care products because it was to messy & I couldn’t take it anymore. After going back to my old skin care products that I have been using since forever I felt like it wasn’t giving me that same feel that it use to. So I think I finally found a routine I can stick to, to finally get my skin back to normal. I must say it has cleared up way better since the first time I discovered my problem.

So here are the products I am using…


I only use this twice a week because that’s what was mentioned on the back of this product.

I purchased this from Target for $10, the application of this product is very smooth and it will leave your face feeling just as smooth. It does not tingle or burn it feels just right.

Image Next  I use this every single day right before I use the other face wash down below.


Since using this I have notice my pores getting smaller. My skin has been a lot more smoother & I don’t know why I use both at the same time but it seems to be working for me so…

I also purchased these from target.

Pink grapefruit foaming scrub : $7.59

All-in-one acne control : $7.59

After getting my face all cleaned up just as I would use my witch hazel I switched it up & use


I use this to basically try & get my color back from the black spots that I have. It really has been fading my black spots day to day. If I don’t get lazy.

Last but not least for my moisturizer I use


I chose to use this one instead of the regular black soap because I use the Coconut Hibiscus lotion & I love it my skin is so soft I don’t have any problems with being ashy or having to re-apply throughout the day. So I decided to use it as a moisturizer.

I also purchased this from Target for $11.99

Hope this is helpful for anyone struggling to clear their skin, feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks have a wonderful day

Destane 🙂

Fun : The Lipstick Tag

Wow once I saw this tag on blog I had to do one & because she mentioned anyone reading it was tagged in it lol, so here goes mine.

Lets begin…

1. How many lipsticks do you own?

Right now I currently own 18 lipsticks after cleaning & getting rid of old and broken ones.

2. What was the first lipstick you owned?

The very first lipstick I ever owned was a Wet N Wild lipstick.

3. What is your favorite lipstick brand?

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Matte collection.

4. What is your most worn lipstick?

For the winter I have been wearing my Rimmel Kate Matte collection in the color Kiss of Life

During the warmer seasons I would always choose between Mac Viva glam Nikki 2 & Rimmel Vintage Pink


5. What is your favorite finish?

I absolutely love a Matte finish, just because I feel like it last longer & it makes the look more dramatic.

6. What was the last lipstick you bought?

Rimmel Moisture Renew : Vintage Pink

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag?

I have a total of 9 lipsticks in my makeup pouch also including 14 other lip products (Lip crayons & stains, chapsticks,babylips, lip gloss) & 7 lip pencils in another makeup pouch.

Note: Didn’t realize it was so much lol 🙂

8. What is your favorite red lip color?

Rimmel Kate Matte collection in the color Kiss of Life

9. How do you store your lipsticks?

Either in a makeup pouch in my purse or my makeup storage container

10.Which lipsticks are you currently lusting after?

Milani Color Statement in the colors:

Nude Creme, Black Cherry, & Plumrose ( Every time I go to purchase it they are sold out of these three colors 😦


So those were all the questions, I enjoyed this lipstick tag !

I hope you guys enjoy this as well 🙂



Buy it or Leave it

So the topic for today is my opinions on a few products whether you should buy it or leave it. Majority of the products are things I purchased an a few is from my Ipsy bag.

Lets get started…

First we have Image the Malani Easy brow pencil, I purchased this from Walmart for $4.97 in the color dark brown. The only down side is they only have two colors Dark brown & Natural Taupe, BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? Buy it…the pencil is smooth, has easy clean up, sharpen free, and also comes with a brow brush on the other end.

Second we have Image Rimmel Glam eyes mascara in extreme black. Also purchased from Walmart for $5.67, this mascara is for anyone who wants to give their eyelashes extra volume & for me it does just that. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? Buy it..

Next we have ImageNyx Full coverage concealer, purchased at Ulta for $4.99. Well I purchased this product 2 days ago but instead of using it as a concealer for under my eyes I used it to clean up my brows & as a base for my eye shadow. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? Absolutely buy it omg my eye shadows went on so smooth & stayed in place all day.

Next up is Image The Elf mineral face primer, purchased from Walgreens for $6. This product is for applying before putting on your foundation & the product is also clear. You do not need a lot because little pumps go a long way. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ?  I say both because I am still not sure if I should have purchased this one or the other primer for shrinking pores.

Also I have ImageThe Kat Von D tattoo foundation. I purchased this foundation from Sephora for $34. I purchased this foundation because a lot of reviews I seen were just mind blowing & I really want to cover my dark spots until I get rid of them. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? BOTH because this foundation is great but I also felt like the person that sold it to me could have given me a lighter shade & because this foundation is dark I can only apply a tiny bit because it goes a long way but the down fall is, it’s not covering my spots to much and if I apply to much I would look like a dark brownie.

NOTE : This line has a variety of colors but I recommend you to ask for help before choosing your color because this foundation has a orange like undertone. Also make sure the person knows what they are talking about when selling something to you.

Next to last is ImageThe Tahitian Monoi anti-aging sugar scrub. I received this in my ipsy January bag. For the regular sized product it retails for $17.99. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT ? I would purchase this product, I use this when I feel like my face is dry & to scrub my lips & my face feels so soft afterwards.

Last I have Image The Miracle worker moisturizer that came in a kit that I purchased from Ulta. This product retails for $60. BUY IT OR LEAVE IT. Leave it, the moisturizer is amazing but I am pretty sure I can find another moisturizer that works for me cheaper than this . The only way I would buy it is if it comes in a Kit.

Well that is all I have tried out for now & I hope you guys found this helpful.

Have a great day

Destane 🙂

Ipsy time !! January 2014

It’s that time of month again !! Once again I wanted to share what I received in my Ipsy bag this month. This year/month theme is “19 reason to make it an amazing new year, a million reasons to be a beautiful new you!”


First off I would like to say I like the concept of the bag but I wish the bag was done differently. Secondly I like this months bag because they seemed to focus on skin care products & majority of my products are natural.

The first product I received was…


the proactive mark fading pads. I was actually excited to get them because I have some black marks that I am trying to get rid of & even though I only received enough to sample I am hoping they work because then I may go purchase them. I originally received four but I used one last night.

The second thing I received is…


a mojito lip balm. I tested this product last night, its a clear lip balm very thick (so you don’t need alot) I woke up this morning & my lips were still moisturized. It has a very light smell & I received the original size.

Third product I received is…


the Tahitian Monoi anti-aging sugar scrub. Im excited to try this product as well & this is a sample size product.

The fourth product I received is…


the briogeo deep conditioning mask. Its a sample size & I probably will be trying this after this post. But because I know its not going to be enough for my hair I am going to mix it with my Shea Moisture deep conditioning mask.

The last thing I received is..a beauty product


called the Elizabeth smooth shadow creamy pencil in the color penny. Which is great because I love gold !

Down below I will list the original price of each of the products:

Proactive Mark fading pads: (Have to purchase the complete kit (3 different ones)

Mojito Lip balm: $12

Tahitian Monoi Anti-aging sugar scrub: $17.99

Briogeo deep conditioning mask: $26.00

Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow: $14.99

Hope you guys enjoyed this post

Have a great day.

Destane 🙂

Lets talk Natural Hair…..Co-wash day !

So today I wanna talk about what I use for my wash day on my natural hair & my thoughts so far.

Recently I decided to stop using shampoo for a little while because my hair was pretty damaged from the color that I had in my hair & just not really giving my hair the proper care that it needed. While using the shampoo it would make my hair feel even worst my hair would feel so brittle & dry. After doing some research & hearing that the ingredients in shampoo is what they use in laundry detergent I was blown away an decided to convert myself to the co wash life.

These are the products that I went out & purchased since giving up shampoo.


Shea Moisture co-wash conditioner cleanser : $11.99

So if you can tell the bottle is almost empty which means I can give my honest opinion about this product. Well to start off I love Shea moisture products it leaves my hair feeling natural & the smell is amazing. This product is natural & not tested on animals, if you go check out any of their products everything you need to know is listed on the label.

My thoughts on it was I wish the packaging was different, basically because the product is thick and I have to use so much because I have thick hair & I wanna make sure my hair is clean. I wish it was in a jar rather then the packaging its in now. But until then I probably wont purchase it again because $12 is a lot of money for something I only got to use three times & its already on its last life.

Next is the Edens body works Conditioner : $8.47

This product is thick as well, but unfortunately I do not like this product for me. I had to use so much because I felt like I wasn’t using nothing on my hair at all. The smell was great but I definitely will not purchase it again.

Now these products I am going to show you are my absolutely favorite !


Aussie Moist Conditioner : $5.37

Omg this product is heaven on earth right here !! I have been rocking with this product since forever now ! I recommend this to EVERYBODY. Come on $5 for this big bottle that will last you for a while, depending on how much you wash your hair. This is like a water based conditioner, it smells great & it makes your process easier to detangle. My hair loves this stuff & I also co-wash with this from time to time & use this as a leave in.



Aloe Vera Refreshing Spray : $5 (Cant remember)

I brought this spray from whole foods & I use this after I am done applying my products & I want to seal in the moisture. I love this product because its not oily nor does it weigh my hair down.

Last I am going to share with you two products that I hear people are ranting & raving about all the time & I decided to go purchase it. I have not used either one yet so the only thing I can really say is they have a great smell 🙂


As I Am coconut co-wash : $7.99

So far it seems to be a water based co-wash just from looking at it, & my hair tends to love water based products


Argan Oil Luxurious Conditioner: $5.99

this product seem very heavy , but I heard great things about it & on the back I read that it will restore moisture & help with dry, brittle & cracked ends.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post & you can find these products at Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens pretty much anywhere

Have a great day guys

Destane 🙂

Lets talk makeup…for Beginners !

Hi guys ! Lets jump straight into it, as I stated in my previous post I mentioned to you some of my favorite & affordable makeup websites to purchase beauty products, for people out there being new to makeup.

Today’s post will be about face products & how to know what you are purchasing when it comes to foundation, concealer, highlighters, bronzer, blush & setting powder. I know I am not perfect an yes I do tend to pick up the wrong product but my goal is to make sure that you guys learn from my little mishaps an you try not to do the same. Because I would hate for anyone to waste money.

Lets get started…


Foundation…when shopping for foundation it can be very stressful !

1. Because some beauty lines carry a very wide line & some carry a very small line.

Also when in some stores they do not have a display for the customers to try out the product meaning matching your skin complexion & that is my biggest issue because sometimes the color that appears on the bottle either can be lighter, darker or just right.

So what I do to try & help me just a little bit with matching my color is go to my handy dandy YOUTUBE ! Yes youtube, what I will do is look up the product that I am seeking to purchase and the name of the color to see who is using it (skin complexion) and how does the product work. Meaning is it heavy or light consistency…is it build-able and how good is the coverage going to be to cover up my acne scars.

Also another thing about going to do your research is sometimes the person will tell you if it is worth buying the product or not & trust me I have saved some money !

The next thing I want to talk about is…

piclab (20)


The great thing about concealer is you want to get shades a color or two lighter then your actual skin complexion because concealer works as a a clean up for your eye brows after filling them in and also a highlighter for under eye dark circles.

So I say buying concealer to me is the easiest of them all just don’t apply to much because you can look more of a ghost rather then brightening up your makeup look.

Following along with the face I will go on to talk about….

piclab (21)


So bronzer works as a bone enhancer, meaning do you want to contour your cheeks to make your cheek bones appear stronger or do you want to make your nose appear smaller or even give yourself that bronzy glow ? Well my friends bronzer is the way to go. With this you want to go just a shade darker but be careful to not apply so much because you don’t want to look like a scary skeleton lol. I think applying lightly and building up the product is the way to go.

Next to last is…

piclab (22)


Blush is pretty simple as well but DO NOT APPLY SO MUCH, unless you have one of those blushes that are not very pigmented and you want a pop of color to your cheeks. Because applying to much can make you look more like a clown (I am just being honest). Mostly when applying blush people tend to just go with what matches their skin so it can look like a natural glow.

Lastly I want to address…

piclab (23)

Setting Powder..

Ok with setting powder they have tons out there, and so far I have only tried a setting powder that comes with the same line of foundation I purchase or the white setting powder that gives the more HD look to your makeup. You need very little setting powder so you don’t over power your look and becoming to cakey.

With all this information I just shared for you beginners please note that you do not have to do every step, you can do just one or two and still look just as great if you were to complete all the steps.

I just wanted to share information with you on the dos & dont’s when it comes to buying or applying each product. If you have not already please check out the previous post before this one.

Thanks & have a great day guys

Destanes 🙂

New to makeup ? Need help ?

Happy New Year guys, hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas & overall new year. This blog post is inspired by my sister, who wants to start wearing makeup but at the time didn’t know what to buy or where to even start. So briefly I just wanted to share with you some websites that I feel have affordable products yet great products as well.

So are you new to the makeup world & just don’t know where to start at starting from the brushes all the way down to the foundation & concealer ?

Well I am here to help you..

As for me when I started off I was only wearing eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara & lip gloss. But then just recently I had a drastic change with my skin & started to wear foundation and did not know where to start at.

Lets get started..

Rule number 1 DO NOT SLEEP on your local beauty supply stores or drug store brand products. You do not have to go all out & spend lots of money on brushes, eye shadow, mascara, foundation or concealer.

With that being said I purchased my first brush belt off I received a 32 piece brush belt set & paid $15.00 a STEAL I know, but please note that you get what you pay for. With that being said I love all of my eye brushes that came with the belt but I did not like any of my face brushes because the quality was different. But I didn’t get upset because I only paid $15.00. Also they have more then enough different choices of brush sets you can purchase so don’t worry.

Also ELF.COM has amazing quality brushes for only $3.00. Also they have amazing products as well, at least the ones I tried. Its not an expensive website at all the most their products cost is $15.00.

Another great website to try is BH COSMETICS.  Love, love, love their products & very affordable also. Let me also add THEY HAVE SALES JUST ABOUT EVERYDAY ! For fantastic steals !



These pallets usually are around $11 each but with an amazing sale they had I paid $14 for both the concealer & blush pallet !

Moving on to foundation & concealer…so far I am still on the hunt for what works for my skin but as of now I am enjoying my L.A Colors foundation in the color cocoa & my foundation by black Radiance in the color Mocha Honey, and also my concealer by L.A girls in the color Toffee. Did I mention cheap.


As far as pricing goes it depends on where you get if from.

The concealer was $3.99 & the foundation was $4.99

Just to summarize you on the information I gave you so far, if you are new to wearing makeup start off with the lower end products just until you feel comfortable with what you are doing instead of spending tons of money on makeup & you don’t like it then you just wasted tons of money.

If there is anything else you would like to know feel free to ask & hopefully I can help you.


Have a great day

Destane 🙂