My Horrible Experience

My Horrible Experience

So I am the type of person that always sticks with the same products just because once I find something I like & works for my skin I feel no need to change up my products due to the fact that I have sensitive skin. Growing up into my adult hood I didn’t really have to go through many products to find what worked for my skin. Always being a Neutrogena & Clean & Clear person I felt the need to change up my regimen just because & because when I went out to repurchase a face wash Walmart did not have any in stock. So after looking up & down the aisle an studying products I kept eyeing this Garnier Radiance renewer cleansing gelee. So I thought ok why not try it the price isn’t that bad & its only a face wash. Well what do you know my skin that everyone envied & picked at me saying I had baby skin (in a good way) was destroyed. Not only myself but others to,this product is horrible broke out my cheeks, chin, & neck. It took me a while to figure out that this particular product caused it until I did my research & others experienced the same thing. Also because my hubby kept asking what have I been using different. Once I knew what the problem was I immediately tossed it in the trash ! So with that being said if you have sensitive skin like myself stick to what you know & even if you feel that you need a change DO YOUR RESEARCH & read the ingredients !
Note: As soon as my skin is normal again I will be posting pictures of my face before the breakout & after. Also what I used on my face to help clear things up.


Simple Outfit of the Day

Simple Outfit of the Day

Hi guys so I just wanted to quickly show you a simple outfit that I wore yesterday. Decided to go with a simple look because I was just going to see my in law open up a school orchestra award ceremony an I would only be gone for an hour. So I decided to wear a basic pocket t-shirt with little chains hanging from the pocket with a pair of ripped jeans for a more edgy look and wore my ankle brown boots. For accessories I wore a leopard print oval necklace and layered different gold & black bracelets for the arm candy ! Hope you guys like !

Hello guys !

Hello guys !

Good evening to you all ! I can’t wait to get back to blogging for you guys, I have great ideas in mind & can’t wait to share. More product reviews finally will get started on my ootd (outfit of the day) & hopefully a makeup look that I will be creating for a family members homecoming. Can’t wait to share ! I am actually blogging now from my phone so I wonder how this will work. I missed you guys & I will be back soon ! Follow my Instagram if you want a faster update with what I am doing ! Talk to you later guys MUAH @destanesfab (Instagram)

My thoughts on these three facial products…

My thoughts on these three facial products...

Hello guys, so as you know I purchased a new product I discovered called Alba Botanica Face & body scrub…well my mother ended up purchasing the face wipes & acne dote deep pore face wash so I decided to try her deep pore face wash along with my scrub. First is the face wash, I love how the product has a light smell of fresh mint or lemon and I felt like it awakened my face (if that makes sense). Second is the face scrub which I love also because I feel like it removes any dirt or oil from your face and also scrubs away your white heads in an instant. Last is my coconut oil I just wanted to show you guys that you can use it any way you want to also any amount that you feel is needed, leaves your skin feeling soft & smells like coconut cookies. Hope this was great information for you. Have a great day ! 🙂

Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Castor Oil

Jamaican Mango & Lime Black Castor Oil

Good Afternoon guys, I have another product pick up today. As you see here I have some Black Castor Oil, I’ve heard many great things about this product for a while now so I decided to finally purchase a bottle today. I brought this item from my local beauty supply store for $7.99. So far I have seen others use this as a HOT OIL TREATMENT, SOME APPLY THIS TO THEIR BODY FOR DRY SKIN & OTHERS INCLUDE THIS IN THEIR HAIR ROUTINE. For me I will be adding this to my hair routine & making a DIY hair creme using this black castor oil. NOTE: Yes I will have a DIY coming up so stay tuned !

Just thought you guys should know…..

Just thought you guys should know.....

Hi guys…also I wanted to add an additional product that I purchased today from Walmart called the Alba Botanica acne dote face & body scrub ($7.47) I noticed this item in Whole Foods & I believe it was a little more so when I came across it in Walmart I wanted to try it. Also its 4 more that I will purchase along with it. Once I try them I will let you guys know how I like it.