Decided to create my own seasonal air freshener using some fruits that I had around the house. An I wanted to share it with you guys so I created my first little video so you guys could see.

Being that this was my very first video I was not very detailed in the video so I will state everything I did…

Materials :

1. Handful of blueberries

2. One whole orange (Peels)

3. 4 Strawberries (Sliced)

4. 1 whole lime (Squeezed 1st )

5. 1 whole lemon (half squeezed other half sliced)

6. Cinnamon (Sprinkled as pleased)

7. 3 tea spoons of Vanilla

8. 4 cups of water

Set the temperature on LOW TO MEDIUM HEAT

After a while once I started to smell the scent I turned off the stove & just let it sit to cool off. I do not know how long it will last but my guess is 2-3 days depending on how long you leave it on.

Hope you guys enjoy & next time my video will be even more detailed.